5 Tips for Washing Custom Wheels

Custom wheels are a popular way to accessorize a vehicle, and they can add style and personality to any car or 4×4. Custom shops everywhere allow auto enthusiasts like you to upgrade their wheels with next to no automotive experience. From matte black and custom paint, to large-diameter wheels, there are countless styles to choose from. Regardless of which type you choose, though, you’ll need to care for your wheels to keep them looking their best. Below are five tips to help you properly detail your custom wheels.


Watch Track Guides and Rails

Custom wheels can change a vehicle’s tracking because of staggered fitment or negative offset. While a vehicle should fit within an automated car wash’s normal tracks, this is still worthy of consideration. Vehicles with aftermarket wheels usually have other mods; lifted 4x4s, lowered cars, and other changes can affect proper washing procedure.

Choose Finish-Safe Wheel Washes


Wheel companies tell customers never to use anything other than mild soap and fresh water, but that just isn’t enough sometimes. When washing your new black rhino wheels, be sure to use a product that’s safe for clear coat finishes, and to dilute it if required. A wheel with a matte finish, just like body paint, requires a certain cleaner to maintain its appearance.

Don’t Use Abrasive Brushes


Don’t use abrasive pads or hard-bristled brushes to clean your off road wheels. A soft sponge or a clean rag will do the job just as well. If you have stubborn road grime, let the cleaner soak in and do all the work. Your hands and elbows will thank you!

Learn About Proper Maintenance

Some customers might not realize that custom wheels need extra attention. If brake dust and road grime are allowed to build up on the wheels, it may permanently tarnish their finish. To keep your new wheels looking that way, it’s important to clean and maintain them on a regular basis. Your local wheel and tyre expert can tell you more about proper wheel maintenance.

You wouldn’t put your leather jacket in the washer, so why would you wash your pricey custom wheels like you would a cheap set of plastic hubcaps? By following the care tips given here, your Speedy wheels australia will stay shiny and stylish for years to come.